#AVchat – It’s A Hashtag After All!

#AVchat was a group Twitter Chat (a.k.a. Twitter Party or Tweet Chat) hashtag founded by Linda Seid Frembes in early 2011. From 2012 to 2014, #AVchat was hosted by Paul Konikowski, CTS-D (a.k.a PKaudiovisual).  About once a month, members of the professional audiovisual (AV) community including systems integrators, installers, manufacturers, end users, information technology managers, consultants, and anyone who was interested or involved in AV would meet online for about an hour. Some days, #AVchat was a virtual panel discussion featuring a cross-section of The audiovisual industry! Other days, it was water-cooler talk and lots of jokes. It allowed AV folks to get real insight and advice from their peers, but the most amazing part of #AVchat was the friendships that sprouted from it.

In March 2014, #AVchat unofficially ended as a Twitter Party, and went back to just being a normal Twitter hashtag. Why?  Basically, AV business picked up, and most of the key people who were participating in #AVchat were just too busy to continue meeting online at a specific time.  Check the archive page for transcripts of the #AVchat sessions from 2011 to 2014.  

Thanks to everyone for participating in #AVchat.  It’s been fun, virtually. – p.k.

Linda Frembes & Paul Konikowski
Linda Frembes & Paul Konikowski, July 2011

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