I Propose(d) An Infocomm Northwest (And My Wish Came True!)

I wrote this blog post proposing a west-coast Infocomm less than a year ago, and now my wish is coming true! Hoping to see some #AVtweeps this Wednesday (or Thursday) at the San Jose Convention Center for Infocomm Connections. Not exactly a ‘crystal ball prediction’, but still shows that Infocomm and I are on the same wavelength!


Leaving Las Vegas: Why InfoComm Should Also Visit Seattle or San Francisco, Where AV Innovation Is More Than Just Stagecraft

By Paul Konikowski, CTS-D

I was honored to be a special guest this past Friday on AVweek, a weekly podcast produced by AVnation.tv that discusses current events of the audiovisual industry.  After the podcast, the other contributors and I started talking about how the annual CEDIA expo may smell a little different this year, as this September, CEDIA expo-goers would now have the liberty of trying some of Denver’s new, umm, legislation…

I started to think about all of the cities where I have attended conferences geared towards audio and video.  I have traveled to Philadelphia, PA for EduCause; Amsterdam,NL for ISE; Anaheim,CA for InfoComm and NAMM; Indianapolis,IN and Denver,CO for CEDIA; New York,NY and San Francisco,CA for AES; and Orlando,FL for Infocomm.  And, of course, Las Vegas,NV for both CES in January…

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