The Five Point Plan For Social Media Marketing

a.k.a The Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique Of Social Media Marketing

By Paul Konikowski

If you have never seen the Kill Bill movies, let me officially say “spoiler alert”; feel free to jump ahead one paragraph. If you are still reading, Kill Bill Part 2 ends with the Bride killing Bill by performing the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique on him.

The key to this Touch of Death is hitting five precise points on the target’s chest.  The presidential candidates have also recently each proposed (and opposed) five point plans to fix our economy. Similarly, I have mapped out a five point plan for social media marketing.

The Five Point Plan For Social Media
The Five Point Plan For Social Media Marketing (click for larger view)

Notice how each point compliments the other points as they work together. The YouTube Channel and Blog provide great new content for your Facebook and LinkedIn pages. LinkedIn Recommendations and Facebook Likes will help you expand your networks. Twitter hashtags allow you to reach new people outside of your networks, send them links to photos and videos, and provide a new channel for customer service.

If you are brand new to social media, its good to start with just one or two platforms. But to be most effective, you really need all five fingers of the social media death punch (sorry I mean plan) to work together. By creating viral content and cross-posting to 4 or more different networks, you will see a spike in Likes, Reach, and Followers for all of your social media pages.