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A Bay-Area Tweet-up For #AVtweeps?

Since I could not attend the tweet-ups at #Infocomm11 and #CEDIA11, I decided to organize a Bay-area tweet-up for the #AVtweeps in San Francisco and Northern California.  While some of you may know exactly what I’m talking about, other readers may be scratching their heads, or worse, getting ready to click the Back button (please, ANYTHING but that!)

So let’s start with a few definitions:
Infocomm and CEDIA are trade shows for the audio-visual industry.  Infocomm is mostly commercial AV, where as CEDIA is for homes, but there is plenty of overlap.

-A Tweet-Up is when a group of individual Twitter users meet-up in person, instead of online.  The tweet-ups are planned in advance, and often take place at a bar or restaurant.

#AVtweeps is a Twitter hastag created by Johnny Mota.  Twitter users in the AV industry often use the #AVtweeps hashtag to communicate with each other.

So, let’s get back to the  tweet-up at hand.  Here are my ideas, numbered so you can reference them in your comments or tweets:

1. Let’s use the hashtag #BayAreaAVtweetup for this event.  (You can still use #AVtweeps to spread the word)

2. Proposed date and time: September 17 (or Sept 24 if the 17th doesn’t work), at high noon.  Avoids conflicts with work, NFL, and the Holiday season.  Please let me know if you have a conflict for these days/times. We could move it to 1:30 if SF folks want to take the ferry.

3. Proposed location: Marin Brewing Company, Larkspur Landing, CA.  Good beer and reasonably priced food menu.  Lots of room, so no need to make reservations.  Easy on/off from 101, free parking.  We can sit outside if the weather is nice.  And then rent kayaks.  (I’m kidding about the kayaks, or am I?)

4. No sponsors, very informal, just lunch and good conversation for a couple of hours.  Order whatever, whenever.  Bring the family if you like. 

5. Once we have a plan, we can open up the invite to other Bay-area AV folks who don’t use Twitter.  Maybe this will get them interested?

Please let me know your thoughts on this tweet-up by using the #BayAreaAVtweetup hashtag on Twitter.  If you are not on Twitter, just leave your comments below or email me.  Danke schoen!


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