Sports Bars

No Such Thing As “Too Many TVs”

televisions in sportsbarsLast week, I was lucky enough to visit Fenway Park in Boston, MA.  Now, I will freely admit, I am NOT a member of the Red Sox Nation, but I DO love going to baseball games, and I DID go to Fenway over 25 years ago, so I was pretty excited. Before the game, my girlfriend and I had lunch at Cask ‘n Flagon, which has been voted “Top Baseball Bar in the Nation” by ESPN (according to their sign in front of the bar, or #2 according to Wikipedia, like it matters?)  

televisions in sportsbarsPerfectly located just across street from the Green Monster, this sports bar had dozens of Panasonic flat panel televisions showing any and every sporting event being broadcasted (although most were showing Red Sox pre-game commentary).  There were also plenty of EAW loudspeakers providing clean, well-balanced program audio at even levels throughout the bar and restaurant.

televisions in sportsbarsIf you were watching a Red sox game in this bar, you would not miss a thing, no matter where you were seated. My favorite part was the restroom.  Wait, that came out wrong… ah crap… it just keeps going… must push on with blog... What I meant was, there were displays above the urinals and the sinks, and speakers in the ceiling, and as an AV geek, I was impressed.  I wondered what the other patrons were thinking as I was taking photos in the restroom?

Now get your head out of the toilet, and tell me about your favorite sports bar install.