Paul Konikowski is @PKaudiovisual


Audio / Video / Social / Marketing

PK Audiovisual is my business name. My full title is Paul Konikowski, CTS-D, LEED Green Associate dba PK Audiovisual.  I am based in the north San Francisco Bay area, and I have multiple facets to my business. I am a freelance audiovisual integration engineer, independent technology consultant, web content creator, technical blogger, and ghostwriter of magazine articles.

As an independent technology consultant, I collaborate with architects and engineers, and design audiovisual presentation systems for distance learning classrooms, churches, conference rooms, student broadcast and internet streaming video studios.  I occasionally work at trade shows, demonstrating emerging consumer electronics, or professional audio and video products to other engineers.

I have hosted technical training sessions online using GotoMeeting, Skype, or Facetime, demonstrating new products to potential buyers.  I can manage your social media feeds during your upcoming hybrid events, creating specific Twitter hashtags so online audiences can connect with real-time presenters, while I answer simple questions about the new products.

I help manufacturers of professional audio, video, and consumer electronics turn skeptics into product evangelists. I master the technology and create blogs targeted at specific audiences, and write magazine articles on behalf of company executives. By improving my clients’ social media profiles, and creating quality content that other engineers will in turn Like and Share, I am sometimes referred to as a “Technical Marketing Engineer”.

If you don’t have time to write blog posts, or you are just out of good topics, you can hire me to write the first drafts of the articles for you. We can work together so that I handle the bulk of the workload, but in the end, the articles are written by you and your team.  You can take all of the credit; I will be happy to take the referrals!

Last but not least, I also create simple technical support videos for consumer electronics and professional audiovisual systems; videos that your customers can find on YouTube or other video streaming websites.  Hire me to create these short videos, and you will save yourself valuable technical support hours in the long run.  Here is a video I created explaining how to change the batteries on a wireless conference room phone:

Please email me at for more information on how I can help improve your online presence. By working with your existing PR team, creating viral content targeted towards key markets and demographics, we will build a stronger community on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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